There’s a reason that your phone company is fighting so hard to keep your business.  It’s because our solution works, at better than 1/2 the cost, thats the benefit of our solution. Moving your phone services to the INTERNET allows you, not only to lower your expenses but allows you to lower the maintenance costs on all voice and data utilization. 

Small business Internet services are delivered to the average office utilizing 20% of available bandwidth. With Curtis Enterprises Inc. we raise utilization up to 60% and build true redundancy for clients.

While removing expensive traditional and outdated telephony infrastructure and wall mounted phone equipment that can take up major space and require additional cooling and electrical requirements.  Hosted PBX solutions and VOIP can reverse an upward spiral of escalating costs. Simply moving your calls to the Internet is not the answer, anyone can do that. Take a look at how they do it, thats the solution. There is no reason for contracts they don't buy the client peace of mind (although we will be happy to accommodate you). A contract may not guarantee  service.  It probably does guarantee payment, to the provider for the length of the contract. Most contracts state that the filings with the State superseded your agreement, have you ever seen them?  We deliver service to your office if it does not work your free to go to another provider all we ask is if it works don't remove it.